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Fine Arts

The Arts curriculum for elementary grades is imperative in fostering students’ creativity and expression. Through art, music, theatre and dance students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and gain self-confidence. Music will be a performance-based class. Students will sing a variety of songs throughout the year and will play basic percussion classroom instruments. Movement, improvisation and simple composition will be incorporated into the curriculum. Students will learn the basics of dance. Students will listen to a variety of music from various composers.  Art class provides an introduction to the creation and appreciation of visual art. Students are exposed to a variety of art media, techniques, culture specific art forms, historical periods, and influential artists. Students will develop an understanding of the elements, principles and characteristics of art. Students will demonstrate the ability to properly and safely use tools, and utilize basic art skills and techniques during the creative process. Students will be encouraged to create original works of art to communicate ideas. Theatre will be infused throughout the art curriculum in which students will have various opportunities to engage in grade level plays, musicals and performances.

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  • A public school serving grades Kindergarten through 5.
  • Open to all students who reside in the City of Perth Amboy.
  • A replication of the Central Jersey College Prep Charter School, a recipient of the 2016 Blue-Ribbon Award, cjcollegeprep.org


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